Wednesday, January 15

Hot 'round here

Creeping up on 40c/100f, temps and tensions were high as our bikes
were further delayed and Mike worked hard to push the beautiful Sir
Extra Large through customs. Amazingly, we now have a stunning '86
Honda XL600 residing with us; and I thought the Argentine women were
pretty! All this thanks to the astounding help of Sandra (and Javier)
here at Dakar Motos.

It felt good to take a breather after the challenging days we had,
have a few beers, and then mow down some tall grass for our heroes,
Sandra y Javier. Afterward, Sean whipped up a mad decent dinner! We
were filled to the brim and all for $140, precisely what we'd just
payed for three big 1 liter beers at the bar.

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