Saturday, February 15

Rad roads, secret hide-out camp spots

The vistas just don't stop and we keep finding fierce camping spots.
Even the bikes had a band style photo shoot on a strange bamboo
The Tarmac, smooth and twisty, satisfying my soul. The gravel gnarly,
remote, and lined with carcasses of old cars abandoned.

Thursday, February 13

Parts needed = Epic hike

As my fork seals blew oil all over my engine and legs, Josh's chain
began to give up the ghost. In waiting for parts being shipped across
Chile, we set out for a hike we were bummed to miss. Creating the most
amazing mountain pass of the trip so far, we didn't have the gusto,
food, or health necessary to take the hike through the Bosque
Encantado (Enchanted Forest) to a glacial lagoon (tarn). We ripped
back through the smooth and curvy roads over a hundred miles.
It couldn't have been a better decision, the weather was perfect and
the trail could not have been more aptly named. It was a wonderland,
beyond imagination of mossy overhanging woodland playground. Stacked
with streams every 100 feet until we started to climb.
There was the first glimpse of the glacier hanging over a cliff and we
made our way over the rocks and waterways to the top. I'll ne'er
forget the brilliant colors of that tarn, and to thinks that this is
only a tiny taste of what is to come. We made camp next to a remote
river, built a fire on a sandbar, and soaked in the pleasures of
sleeping on the road with sand beneath our bums and snow capped cliffs
above our heads. Not bad.
Now, the parts are on hand and we're gearing up to head south. Scroll
down to see Josh's pics of the hike and enchanted forest!

Pics from yesterday

Went on a little day excursion yesterday. Hiked a self proclaimed Enchanted Forest, which led us to a crazy glacier. Enjoy a few pics if that and our great campsite we found by a river last night...

Monday, February 10

Slowly Moving South

While Mike and I were laid out flat with sickness, Josh took advantage
the low ceilings in our modest abode of recuperation to slam milk by
the liter. Fortunately we were able to find respite in both our health
and weather enough to trek out and visit our first few glaciers here
in Patagonia.
Last night we asked permission to sleep on a farm run as a community
by a badass farmer. This guy had built up quite the compound renting
out space to road construction workers and other temp workers in this
remote area. I wish I could've taken his picture; his hat, eyebrows
and total style were really something to behold.
This update courtesy of the free wifi at the local nazi history museum
here in Puyuhuapi, Chile. What a beautiful town! Stunning beauty had
been everywhere. We promise to stop and take more photos.