Monday, February 10

Slowly Moving South

While Mike and I were laid out flat with sickness, Josh took advantage
the low ceilings in our modest abode of recuperation to slam milk by
the liter. Fortunately we were able to find respite in both our health
and weather enough to trek out and visit our first few glaciers here
in Patagonia.
Last night we asked permission to sleep on a farm run as a community
by a badass farmer. This guy had built up quite the compound renting
out space to road construction workers and other temp workers in this
remote area. I wish I could've taken his picture; his hat, eyebrows
and total style were really something to behold.
This update courtesy of the free wifi at the local nazi history museum
here in Puyuhuapi, Chile. What a beautiful town! Stunning beauty had
been everywhere. We promise to stop and take more photos.

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