Saturday, January 11

Landed in Chile

We've just landed in Santiago, Chile. Catching a connecting flight to Buenos Aires here in a few hours.

Wednesday, January 8

KLIM gear!

The Klim gear arrived today! A very special thanks to the folks at Klim for the amazing hookup!

Tuesday, January 7

And ship them off!

And the bikes are gone! Picked up and on their way to Houston where they will go thru customs and air freighted to Buenos Aires. We will be taking off from Miami on Jan 10th to join them.
Been a wild week for sure, considering that 2 days before the shipper arrived Luke and Sean didn't have bikes yet.

Get them ready

My buddy Brian Williamson helping me scramble to get 3 bikes ready to ship. Mike is shipping his Honda XR650 from the UK, and the rest of us are shipping out machines here from Phoenix. I've got my sometimes reliable Suzuki DR650 that is trans am trail proven, Luke has got a DR650 as well, and Sean will be on a Kawasaki KLR650.
Brakes pads, tires, power adapters and other misc repairs being done before we drain the fluids and ship them off.