Sunday, March 2

Penguins and the End of the World

Tierra del Fuego is a fascinating place, it really has an end of the world feel. Pretty barren for the most part, finding camping in a remote are was not difficult at all.
We were fortunate enough to get a hot tip on a colony of rare King Penguins whose numbers are rebounding. The colony had 45 a couple years ago and is up to 65 now. Amazing creatures, and really quite large too. We watched them for some time as they communicated by a fascinating song that requires them to take in an massive gulp of air and violently force it out with their necks stretched and heads pointing straight up. Amazing.
The next morning we rode into Argentina via a river crossing border, into Rio Grande on the Atlantic coast. We were soaking wet and got a room to dry our gear by a fire. Took off the following morning and arrived in Ushuaia the afternoon of the 28th. We entertained the idea of a boat to the Falklands (mike claims they drink tea and drive on the left), to Cape Horn and even Antarctica but due to extreme cost/unavailable boats we are content here.
Somewhat sad to have reached the end of the motorcycle portion of this trip, but hey, it's not the end of the world. Oh wait, yes it is.