Tuesday, January 14

No bikes yet.

We found out Monday that our bikes did not leave Houston yet, like our shipper told us they would. Still in the US as of now. The shipper will be giving us an update today regarding when they will ship out. Really hope it's soon. Like today soon. Our time at the hostel is up, so this morning we are packing up our bags and heading to Dakar Motos here in Buenos Aires, who has overseen shipping of mikes bike (arrived yesterday) from the UK and will be handling the receiving/customs portion of our shipping from the States. It sounds like Dakar Motos will allow us to tent out back until our bikes get here. Praying that means only one more night.
Monday was a productive day, as I finally got a local SIM card that will work with web in my iPhone. So communication and mapping is now much more possible and we aren't needing to solely really on wifi to figure anything out. That's the good news I guess.

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