Tuesday, January 14

Street Art, BBQ, Street Art, BBQ, Street Art, BBQ.

So many missed photos. From the gnarly street sandwiches to phenomenal
street art on every single block.

Unimaginably huge, we taxi'd 50 miles from the city center and around
the bend of the river delta (which was impossible to see across) was
the city extending over 100 more miles, skyscrapers and all.

People are friendly and they speak slow, clear, enunciated Spanish.
What an outstanding opportunity to learn! Josh is a fabulous teacher
and with his patience, we've all seen our speaking ability increase
tenfold. From nearly nunca, it has felt so good to be able to
communicate even just a bit.

No joke, this city can be summed up in two words: street art and BBQ.
Though that may be four words for a town with 25 hours per day, it
makes perfect sense in Buenos Aires.

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  1. Awesome! I'm really quite jealous...I hope I can hear all about your trip someday.