Sunday, January 19

To the Jungle

We have been without communications for a couple days but lots have happened. We found that out bikes will arrive Monday and be available to us Tuesday. Although this is not ideal news, we decided to make the most of our time by renting a car and spending a few days traveling to Iguazu Falls on the border with Brazil. We made it approx half way Thursday night and stopped at a fuel station in rural Argentina to ask about a place nearby to make camp. The station was owned by an amazing family who allowed us to camp in their yard.
We hadn't even set up the tents yet when the two boys in the picture approached us with a soccer ball and invited us to play with them on a great field on their property. All was going well (if you forget the fact that Nicolas 13 and his brother 8 beat us soundly while being undermanned 2 of them vs 4 of us) until I did what I do best while playing sports, get injured. I went with the ole standby, spraining my left ankle in proper fashion. It felt like déjà vu as I have sprained that same ankle many times before at incredibly inopportune times. I was quite worried I would be out of commission for a long while, however I am very happy to report that after only a few days I am getting around pretty well and am confident it will not be a problem going forward.
The falls were absolutely amazing, easy to see why they are one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Pictures of the falls will follow this post, as soon as we can find enough internet to upload more pics...

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