Monday, January 20

Iguazu Falls

Absolutely no words to describe this place. Supposedly Elenor Roosavelt's first words were 'poor Niagra!' and I can understand why. It goes on forever, makes 2 national parks as it is the border between Argentina and Brazil. Around the next river bend is Paraguay, so it's a really unique opportunity to be hit with international roaming charges in 3 countries while standing in one spot. Seriously, this happened to all of us, and the best part is that out phones aren't even working. We hope to resolve that tomorrow as we kick Movistar in favor of Claro in hopes that we can keep in touch better with y'all.
The top was absolutely breathtaking as unimaginable amounts of water fall from on high into a white mist so far and so big you can never see the bottom from the Devils Throat overlook.
We also took the boat ride that goes very close to being under the falls. Amazing. We understood what our friend Jack from the first nights hostel meant when he told us that when you are on the boat tour, you could get out of the boat and it would be the same. Couldn't have been wetter. This was alright with us tho as temps climbed to 40 degrees Celsius (104 F) and it was jungle humidity.

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