Wednesday, February 19

Life goals accomplished

We began to turn west slightly and rolled up on the most spectacular
range we have ever seen. We knew that the legendary Fitz Roy peaks
were here near, and then: BAM! The weather permitted a clear view of
its steep fingers reaching 3400 meters high above the snow. We all
had been dreaming of this place for several years. Josh using this
very image for the background of his phone back in 2010, I read blogs
and saved photos of this place back in 2006. It had been a long time
Hiking these hills was rewarding with massive and thundering glacial
ice fields strewn about its base. It was no doubt we had arrived;
seeing climbers lugging around their gear after having prepped here in
Chalten Argentina for 1, 2, 3 months or more.
Now we head out to visit the next big goal of seeing first hand, the
incomprehensibly large Perito Moreno Glacier. At this point we're just
80km away! We've heard of its size, taller than large buildings, wider
than a city, and snaking its way down the mountains for miles. I can't
wait to hear and see the sights and sounds of massive ice booming with
thunder as the ice breaks and then slams into the water. This should
be good!

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  1. Wow....can't wait for the next post. Love your photos and descriptive writings Luke! Thanks for sharing!!!