Wednesday, February 19

Back in Argentina

So much has happened. We crossed back over from Chile into Argentina after learning that there is no way to get from Villa O'Higgins (bottom of Careterra Austral) over to our destination in Argentina of El Chalten and Fitz Roy. One the way we saw probably 300 Llama esque creatures called Guanacos that can leap. Pretty cool. Emus too. Wild. We camped the first night at a dried up lake, well, mostly dried up as we found out after Luke got a little too close to the low spot and got his bike stuck hard. Made for a great photo, but frustrating. The next day in Argentina had frustrations as well as I made a dumb move by riding on a super new patch of paved road. So new in fact it wasn't open yet. The wind and sketchy gravel caused me to take the risk, and I was rewarded by going down after electing to go through some uber goopy tar. Covered everything. Seemingly impossible to clean. I've actually thrown out my pants and gloves this morning after failed attempts to clean.
Some amazing riding and even better views. El Chalten and Fitz Roy have been amazing and a goal of mine for some time. We did a great hike near the base of this epic range yesterday, and today we are off to the world famous glacier Perito Moreno. Enjoy these pics, more to come!

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  1. You guys really need to consider tour guiding! This is like watching a national geographic movie!