Thursday, January 30

Mountains and Lakes

We are currently in the thick of what's referred to as the 7 lakes region of the Argentine Andes. Absolutely breathtaking, these mountains are unreal and the lakes are nestled into the high places to create a scenery that I've never before seen. Mid summer with snow capped mountains above crazy massive lakes.
The lake we are camped on now, right on the outskirts of Bariloche is called Nahuel Huapi and is one of the deepest lakes in the world at 1523 feet. Deeper than Lake Superior, and at the top of a mountain. Makes my head spin for sure. This is our second night at this spot, as Bariloche serves as a base town for Patagonia and we have used it as an opportunity to stock up on supplies and prepare ourselves for what's ahead. The plan now is to depart tomorrow and head towards Chile and cross over to take some ferries down the fjords of the Chilean coast. Hopefully I don't have any problems at the border as my license plate broke off a few days ago in a rough dirt section and I've replaced it with a poorly constructed laminated paper one Mike and I designed today at a copy shop in town.

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