Sunday, January 26

Last night

Best campsite yet. By far. Found an off shooting trail off the road to Las Leñas (famous ski town) last night and struck it rich. A mountain stream in the most gorgeous valley was gonna have to do. We built a fire and prepared for what was to be a pretty chilly evening.
Awoke this morning to attend to some bike maintenance, both myself and mike are monitoring an oil leak on our bikes, and I think I got mine fixed this morning by removing and resealing my cam chain tensioner. Fingers crossed. Things things are however, part of a motorcycle trip. Without these machines there is no way we found that campsite.
So we've jumped into the stream for a swim/bath and are back on the road. Heading towards some volcanos now, should have some nice photos by tomorrow.


  1. Can't wait until tomorrow's pics...TFS. :)

  2. Truly amazing sights! Glad you guys are so adept at rolling with all the adventures.