Wednesday, March 19

Fin del Mundo and of our voyage as well

Since our last post we've made it back home. Nothing went quite as
we'd planned in doing so but thats perfect. Par for the course that is
this trip I suppose. The plan after reaching the end of the world was
to ride as fast as we could the 3000+ miles from Ushuaia to Buenos
Aires so that Luke and Mike could ship their bikes back home and I
could ride into Uruguay, sell my bike (illegally) then ferry back from
Montevideo to Buenos Aires and meet up with the boys before flying
This was less than ideal for several reasons. We would be rushed in
Ushuaia, little time in Buenos Aires, and have to endure a very long
very windy and reportedly much less scenic route north over the course
of a week.
What did happen? We took somewhat of a gamble with a guy we met via
ADVrider and left all 3 of the bikes in Ushuaia with him. He's working
on filling a sea container with bikes to ship to Los Angeles once
full, something like 2 months from now he suspects. We bought airfare
from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires and thus were able to spend the last 8
days leisurely exploring Buenos Aires and the Tigre river delta to the
north. An awesome opportunity to do the city 'proper' as Mike would
say. By foot, bicycle, subway, train, boat and plane, we left no stone
unturned. Really a fantastic place and I cannot wait to return.
Being home for approx a week has been surreal. Hearing English
everyday has been fantastic, even startling at first when hearing the
announcement in English that we would be landing in PHX on my flight
from Miami. Its alarmingly easy to fall back into routine here in the
US. I immediately began doing yardwork and seeing friends and today is
my first day at 'work' all year. Sounds weird to say, not that bike
travel isnt work, but starting to actually make some money isnt a bad
idea either.
The challenge will be to not allow the routine to blind me. To not let
the lessons learned and the experiences had to fade. Keep them fresh,
aware that the world is actually not that big of a place, and that
these adventures and more are only a motorcycle ride away; hell, even
a plane ride away if one was in a time crunch. We are all still
collecting our thoughts on what has happened, glad we journaled as
much as we did, but still wish we did more as almost everything is
worth reliving already.
As Mike said, the magnitude of this trip is just starting to sink in.
I am back in Phoenix, Luke in Portland, and Mike to the UK after
spending an additional week in Brazil after Luke and I left. Our
bikes? Well they are still soaking up glory at the bottom of the
world, hopefully we see them by June.

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