Sunday, February 2


Yesterday afternoon we made it across the border to Chile. It's absolutely crazy how much the terrain changes by crossing over the top of the Andes. So much greener and wetter and rainy. Huge ferns lining the roadside on our way down from the tops. We rode to Osorno were we hit a bank to change into some Chilean Pesos. It was there that Sean realized he didn't have his bank card, and had left it somewhere in Villa la Angostura Argentina. He turned around to go back to sort it out as it is his method of funding the remainder of the trip. We've rode south and are currently in Puerto Montt collecting information about the ferries we will need to get the bikes through the non rideable portions of the fjords south of here (see stop and go road on east shore of the gulf pic). Tonight we will head south east into the sparsely populated parts of this place to find a place to make camp. Waiting for the rain to lift now, so I figured an update was in order.

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